Terms & Conditions

HLACT is operatively committed to enhance the aspect of talent occupied by various individuals associated with unique educational institutions. HLACT does not differentiate their associated members by considering their race, gender or ethnicity. HLACT criteria of awarding the international accreditation to the educational and non-educational entities are also based on fair stated standards.

Actions of all the professionals associated with the prestigious organisation tend to endorse and embrace the sense of respect towards every individual. HLACT also ensures ethical work flow that enables them to reflect the English culture.

HLACT Quality Promise:

HLACT embrace current and experienced graduates to undertake HLACT accredited programs, as it enables those graduates to attain globally recognised certification from which productive assistance in the professional career of a graduate can be attained.

By providing associated educational and non-educational entities with international certification HLACT tends to promise them to monitor their performance in a constant manner. As it motivates entities to maintain their standards according to the set international market.

HLACT Partnership General Terms & Conditions:

Following aspects needs to be taken into effective consideration by the entities having a will to form a productive association with HLACT:

  • Promote HLACT vision and mission.
  • Conduct effective operations in order provide general public, students, government and professionals with diverse set of benefits.
  • Entity needs to comply with proposed ethics related to consumer services.
  • Mutual benefit will be attained by all the associated partners.
  • Utilisation of HLACT brand name, however, it is vital for the partner to take HLACT into effective confidence.