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Accreditation Score:

HLACT efficiently develops the set standards related to the international accreditation, for which effective evaluation of the educational and non-educational entity take place. In the evaluation process entities academics, faculty, facility, students, financial assistance, scholarships, number of programs, foreign students and many other aspects of the entities are taken into effective consideration.

International accreditation certification can only be attained by the educational and non-educational institution only after the approval of the board of HLACT. After the approval of HLACT board the evaluation team tends to send the electronic copy of the audit report to the entity and after the certain amount of targeted time, the entity is provided with international certification.


All the productive content observed in this entire website including context, button icon, concept, logos, software and data compilation are the property of the HLACT and copying content of HLACT can force the accused party to face legal repercussions. All the content of the HLACT is highly protected under the proposed laws of USA and UK copy right laws.

Refund Policy:

We have a productive and friendly refund policy, as HLACT board of members has reflected that it is HLACT responsibility to overwhelm their associated institutes by their services and if HLACT falls shorts all the money invested by the entity will be refunded.

Note: Dissatisfaction reflected by any entity after the time of visits will not be entertained.

Note: Associated students and professionals may claim recovery of 60% of their investment due to dissatisfaction.