HLACT is an entity that has a productive mission to provide effective facilitation to the educational and non-educational sectors from which their level of efficiency can be enhanced. In order to acquire this aim, HLACT tends to provide their consumers with following services:

Practice License:

It is vital for every professional related to any field to provide their technical, vocational, training or any other concerned license that provides them authority to conduct practice in their respective field.

HLACT is an entity that tends to provide accreditation; however, HLACT also tends to become an intermediary between the local authorities and the professional that provides professional with an opportunity to acquire their required practice license in effective manner.


It has been observed that every state all over the globe tends to reflect their own set standards for attestation of any professional or educational documentation.

In order to facilitate their targeted consumers HLACT also tends to provide effective service of attestation where HLACT do associate with local and international entities to get attestation on the targeted documents of the client.


Various accreditation do not facilitate their associates with this particular service, however, HLACT does provides their associated professionals and students with a service in which their provided documents are complemented with the equivalency certification.

Equivalence certification can prove to be beneficial for the students or for professional, as it is amongst the crucial credentials that is highly required by the foreign universities and employer based in different states.

Professional Certification:

Globalisation and competitiveness in the modern era has created various barriers that have restricted the growth of many professionals.

HLACT has realised the state of this modern era and decided to facilitate professionals with international certification that can enable them to become distinct in their relevant field. It can also allow professional to attain certain competitive edge that can reflect profitable results.

Information Technology:

HLACT being a renowned and productive international accreditation provider tends to facilitate educational and non-educational entities with productive IT services. Following IT services can be installed within the targeted premises read more…

Accreditation Symbol & Logo:

It is amongst the productive competitive edge that can be attained by utilising the international certification from the HLACT. Utilising and reflecting the symbol and logo of the HLACT can provide entities with an opportunity to verify and justify the productive association between them and the internationally recognised accreditation body.


Legalisation is a crucial and important aspect, as without getting legalised from the local and international ministry the accredited body will not be utilise the full authority and power of the certification.

HLACT efficiently provide legalisation service to their few and important associated member, in which the European Ministry and FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) are requested to legalised the provided certification. If requested HLACT can also provide effective assistance to the associated stakeholders to legalised their certification from their governmental bodies.