Route To Accreditation

This section is comprised of short and precise information that tends to reflect the process that can be opted by educational and non-educational entities in order to apply for international recognition from HLACT:

Is accreditation is applicable to me?

Both educational and non-educational entities are eligible to apply for international accreditation, however, in order to attain it availability of certain international proposed standards are essential.

Where to start?

Interested candidates need to directly have to contact with HLACT officials on the given phone number and on the given email address. Our consultant can efficiently guide you to conduct each and every process in an effective manner.

How to apply?

  • Online registration, for which productive assistance of HLACT agents can be attained.
  • Submission of all the required documents related to your mentioned business.
  • Inception Visit.
  • On the successful visit, an entity can be provided with the international accreditation certification or HLACT membership.

Pre-assessment visit:

After the successful online evaluation of the provided documents, allocated HLACT consultant will efficiently organise the pre-assessment visit, for which convenience of candidate and out officials will be mutually taken into consideration.

Maintaining your accreditation:

If a candidate is able to attain the accreditation from HLACT, it is vital for the educational or non-educational entities to efficiently provide consideration on the steps that can be taken into consideration on maintaining the international standards. As failure in this segment will disqualify the entity to extend the accreditation and in some cases due to the negligence HLACT have every right to revoke the accreditation of the entity at any point of time.