Overseas (Non-UK) Application

Overseas (Non-UK) Application:

HLACT is the finest, reliable and valuable United Kingdom’s accreditation body, which tends to provide opportunity to the educational and non-educational institutions to meet their desirable needs. HLACT does provide consideration on the application of educational and non-educational institution based outside United Kingdom.

It is strongly advised to Non-UK applicants to contact our officials in order to apply for the accreditation in an effective and appropriate manner. Our officials will very much happy to provide you with effective assistance.

HLACT Application Team Contact:

Telephone: +44-3300010988

Email: corporate.affairs@hlact.org

Educational and non-educational entities based outside the market of United Kingdom needs to reflect specific requirements asked by HLACT, as without facilitating HLACT with asked requirements the entity will not be eligible to attain international accreditation from our global board.

Please note that due to requests of EU Legislative outline – Regulation EC 765/2008 HLACT is not able to acknowledge any applications from countries with a LAB that is a participant to the European Cooperation for Accreditation Multi-Lateral Agreement.

Note: In order to identify and observe the credibility of the applicant their history will be assessed for which assistance from local board of the applicant’s country will be taken.

*HLACT reserves the right to decline an application.