1: What Is The Difference Between Business Quality Assurance Certification And Academic Accreditation?

Business quality assurance can be provided to any non-educational entity that successfully manages to reflect all the stated HLACT international standards. However, academic accreditation can provided only to educational institutions, which tends to reflect their competent nature and ability to grow.

2: What Is Business Quality Assurance Certification Process?

In order to attain business accreditation from HLACT, an entity needs to undertake following stages:

  • Online registration, for which productive assistance of HLACT agents can be attained.
  • Submission of all the required documents related to your mentioned business.
  • Inception Visit.
  • On the successful visit, an entity can be provided with the business quality assurance certification or HLACT membership.
3: What Is The Eligibility Criterion?

Every non-educational institution is eligible to apply for the business accreditation; however, in order to attain this certification it is essential for the corporation or any entity to meet the reflected quality international standards of HLACT.

4: What Can I Expect In A Business Quality Assurance Certification?

Current positioning of the business will be assessed by our highly experienced professionals, for which productive recommendations will be delivered to the CEO of the business. As those productive suggestions cab be utilised in order to enhance the validity, productivity and efficiency of the business. Other than that, an opportunity of getting international recognition to a business can to be beneficial and profitable, as it also tends to arise various opportunities that can be availed by forming international alliances within similar sectors.

5: What Benefits Does International Quality Assurance Certification Bring To Business?
  • International and domestic recognition
  • Appropriate guidance to efficiently enhance and incorporate aspect of quality
  • Enhancement in the productive nature
  • Ability to opt cost effective operational methodologies
  • Attaining appropriate involvement of all the potential stakeholders
  • Also can attain long term loyalty of their consumers


1: What are the benefits of PLA?
  • A non-traditional student can attain certification in desired field
  • Conventional means are justified by validated learning
  • Enable professional to effectively adopt several diversified competencies
  • Experience of a professional is complemented with the appropriate and required knowledge
  • Enable to attain a international certification that have global recognition
2: Who will evaluate my profile?

HLACT is comprised of the strict evaluation department that has a responsibility of evaluating the provided profiles on the grounds of provided international standards. Profiles that are unable to match set standards will be revoked.

3: How long is the process for?

HLACT evaluation committee tends to take a time frame of 30 days in order to evaluate the profile in an in-depth manner.

4: Is it internationally recognised?

HLACT is an international accreditation entity having productive assistance with many global and renowned educational and non-educational entities. Certification provided by HLACT is globally acknowledged.

5: What is the fee of PLA?

Fees of the PLA or Online educations tend to vary, as different needs of the professional and different needs related to the targeted field make the difference.


1: What Is Online Education Or Distance Learning?

In this modern era, educational institutes are willing to provide many candidates with online course and degrees due to it flexible and feasible nature. HLACT is effectively associated with many UK and US universities that tends to provide this opportunity to the candidates.

2: How Common Is Distance Learning?

In this competitive era, many educational institutions has started utilising the mean of technology in order to facilitate candidates with distance education. This process is very much common due to its cost effective nature.

3: What Are The Educational Requirements?

It depends upon the selected university or college.

4: Am I Supposed To Pay Total Fee Upfront?

In some cases yes, however, it is entirely depended on the nature of the university.

5: Are There Any Instalment Plans?

Yes, many educational entities tends to provide their students with an opportunity to develop a constant instalment plan in order to submit fee on time. However, it totally depends on the nature of the college or University.

Membership FAQS:

What is HLACT Membership?

HLACT Membership is an opportunity for educational and non-educational entities in order to attain various diversified benefits by getting international affiliation and recognition.

What are the benefits of Membership?
  • Opportunity to get effective participation in a global seminars and webinars.
  • Prolific opportunity of developing international and domestic alliance with the renowned entrepreneurs.
  • Effective involvement in various diversified training and development sessions.
  • Chance to grow as a professional and to attain international value standards after the completion of the membership.
Do I have to renew my Membership?

HLACT membership tends to expire after a year; however, it can be renewed according to the set terms and conditions.

How much does it cost?

HLACT annual membership has a cost of $1000 USD, however, for the renewal members only have to pay $500 USD.

Who can avail this membership?

Educational and non-educational entities can effectively attain this membership; however, it is mandatory for them to reflect their productive aim of taking effective participation in various development sessions in order to grow themselves as a professional.

Is it essential for my business to qualify for quality certification to become a member?

No, it is not mandatory for the entity to initially comply for the international quality certification in order to become an active member of HLACT. In fact, HLACT tends to motivate entities to become a member, who are unable to qualify our mandatory evaluation process in order to attain international quality certification.

FAQs about Accreditation Plans

  • HLACT Accreditation Beginner: This accreditation is granted for 1 year (12 months) and has to be audited and renewed every year (unless any other accreditation is offered). It has two pre-requisites according to the institution age criteria;
  1. i) Growth Beginner Plan # 1157-01: Those institutes whose establishment have been less than 6 months and/or are currently in the developmental stages of their operations are eligible to apply for this accreditation. Terms and conditions apply.


  1. ii) Pro Beginner Plan # 1157-02: This plan is available for those institutions which have been established for more than 6 months but less than 1 year can achieve this plan in the HLACT Beginner accreditation.


Beginner Plan # 1157: Those privileged institutions which have been established for more than a year (but less than 2 years) are granted the full HLACT Beginner accreditation for a period of one year with guidelines to help improve and re-direct positive changes in the organizational and institutional structures. Apart from this, those institutes which score less than 50% on the HLACT Point table System are also granted this accreditation with the conditions of improvements in the years to come for which they will have to re-audit and re-apply for the accreditation.

  • HLACT Accreditation Intermediate: This level of accreditation has two pre-requisites before achieving this level, viz:
  1. i) Basic Intermediate accreditation # 1160-01: For those institutes which have been established for more than 2 years, but less than 3 years, are eligible for this accreditation with specified terms and conditions.
  2. ii) Premium Intermediate Accreditation # 1160-02: institutions which have been established for more than 3 years but less than 4 and have at the record of at least 50 graduating students qualify for the HLACT Premium Intermediate accreditation with the inclusion of terms and conditions.

Intermediate Accreditation # 1160: Those esteemed institutes which have been established for more than 4 years but less than 5 have granted graduating degree to more 100 students qualify fully for the HLACT Intermediate Accreditation.

This Intermediate Accreditation is valid for 3 years. Members and institutes which have a score of less than 70% but more than 51% qualify for the HLACT Intermediate accreditation with the assurance to continuously improve their quality and compliance to standards.

  • HLACT Accreditation Advance # 1163: for those esteemed institutes which have been established for more than 5 years but less than 8 years, are eligible for the HLACT Advance accreditation which is valid for a period of 5 years. These institutes are required mandatorily to have at least 2 complete batches qualified for their degrees prior to the granting of this accreditation. Institutes which score more than 71% but less than 90 % on the Point table System qualify for his accreditation type as well with the compliance to maintain and enhance their educational and organizational standards.

HLACT Accreditation Perennial # 1164: This accreditation is offered only to those institutes which have been established for more than 8 years and have awarded graduating degrees to at least 5 complete batches in any of the program(s) being offered and obtain a score of more than 90% on the HLACT Point table System of evaluation. This accreditation is valid for lifetime*.

(* random unannounced visits are made by inspection team to the institute to ensure the maintenance of standards and compliance to educational reforms to sustain the quality of education)


HLACT Membership is a perk included with international accreditation (for institutes) and quality assurance certification (businesses/organizations & corporations). Our membership is also granted to those candidates who, somehow, fall short of the international criteria of accreditation or quality certification.


By successfully achieving HLACT international accreditation, your institute automatically qualifies for the deployment of a Website listing  That is, the name and domain for your institute will be displayed and made available on our own website as a member and an accredited institute so that you may have more intake in the future from students pursuing quality education.


Upon efficaciously qualifying for an HLACT accreditation, we grant you a signed and approved certificate depicting your achievements and the acknowledgement of your institute to be among those prestigious enough to be providing education met with the international quality standards.


After all the evaluation and gap analysis process being completed which qualify an institute for international accreditation by HLACT, we provide you with a digital Golden Seal which enumerates your institute as being nominated as education providers with the latest and standardized educational techniques and faculty. This privileged stamp can be depicted by you to be displayed on your own web-page so that visitors can acknowledge your accomplishments.


After having successfully evaluating and granting your institute accreditation, we proudly post about your accomplishments on all social media associated with HLACT. We post your name and achievements on our newsletter, our brochure, our web-page, our Facebook page, our twitter page and all other social media pages linked to HLACT. This helps increase the ranking of your institute as a quality education provider.


Along with the many perks of having an international accreditation, we, at HLACT, provide you with the official stamp and logo of HLACT for the purpose of using on attestation of document (student certificates, etc.). You can also officially post this logo on your institute web-page and on any other forums you might be a part of; and let the world acknowledge the status of your institute to be among those prestigious to provide international quality education.


Memberships are awarded to those esteemed candidates who successfully qualify for accreditation. With the HLACT membership, you get the exclusive chance to interact and discuss new methods and techniques with like-minded individuals and institutes to help in further improvement of your institute and to help educate yourself regarding new reforms. HLACT is also affiliated with various institutes around the world including the US and United Kingdom and provides learning opportunities for students around the world to become conglomerated with these institutes.


Successfully passing the HLACT accreditation processes and evaluations, not only do get international accreditation of HLACT, but also US apostille from the department of the concerning state. HLACT itself stands for the grant of apostille from US department of state as HLACT itself is governed by this body.


Qualified members of the HLACT accreditation also get free advice from our leading team of developing and software experts on how to manage and improve the outlook of respective institutional websites in order to render them more profitable and helpful for the existing students as well as new ones.


Human resource, as the name implies, has a huge impact on the operation of nay institute. HLACT provide its esteemed accredited members with the state-of-the-art solutions for managing the human resources with the help of integrated softwares and applications which reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of operations.


With the advancement in technology and innovations, a whole new platform of educational reforms has opened up. HLACT, with the help of expert outsources, provide its privileged members with top-notch education management systems to help integrate and enhance the quality of education and the interaction of the students with teachers in the most effective and efficient methods.


Distance learning and E-learning has taken a great toll in the past few decades. Those institutes which are accredited by HLACT are granted the exclusive offer of installing and managing latest learning management systems to help improve and enhance the quality of education and rendering the importation of knowledge to students more competent and effective than ever before.


We have chapters and ministries all over the world which govern and help in the evaluation processes and also conduct research and meetings to discuss new and innovative improvement methods. Those esteemed institutes to be granted HLACT accreditation have the privilege of having selected members of their faculty attend all these seminars and stay up-to-date with the latest educational reforms and discuss all the problems they face to come up with smart and proficient solutions.


An inspectional visit is conducted by respective chapter members in the country to collect and audit the required aspects and documents of the institute with complete transparency band according to the standardized data collection methods as provided by HLACT. These members are hand-picked experts and leading entrepreneurs in their respective fields and they conduct their inspection with absolute impartiality. The collected data from the inspectional visit is forwarded in confidence to the HLACT board members to be evaluated against the point profile system and progress the accreditation process further.


To keep every member on the same page, and also to deliver new and innovative educational techniques and methodologies, it is necessary to hold a platform where all the experts and members can contribute equally to this task. All these issues related to educational reforms, the problems faced, as well as their solutions, are discussed and comprehended at seminars organized by HLACT which, through the means of international web seminars, or webinars, are broadcasted over the World Wide Web. These webinars are aimed at resolving problems faced by various members and also to discuss various reforms and innovations in the field of education, as well as methods and techniques to implement these changes. These webinars from a platform where like-minded individuals can share and discuss their relative expertise and how they can be utilized to impart quality education to the students of future.


Those prestigious institutes which have been granted international accreditation by HLACT are awarded the esteemed privilege of granting their annually graduating students with the HLACT certification to avow their graduation from an internationally accredited institute; which grants them a competitive edge for future students or professional career development. HLACT certification is an assurance of quality-compliant educational progression and course outlines besides various other perks.


HLACT grants the exclusive offer, to those institutes which have been granted international accreditation, the chance to affiliate their (limited number of) graduated students, faculty or existing students to be affiliated with international institutes in UK and US with the awarding of dual degree certification; i.e. they will get a degree from their institute as well as from an international institute*. The course material and curriculum of internationally accredited institutes are similar as they are compliant with the international standards hence it renders the granting of dual degree comprehensive and concise.

*terms and conditions apply


For those students who are pursuing their degree programs from internationally accredited institutes (by HLACT) and wish to continue their education from another institutes, HLACT offers the chance to switch institutes to others to choose from all around the world. The appropriate credit hours are transferred accordingly so that the student does not have to waste any of their time by repeating the courses or subjects they have already studied.


International professional certification is granted as an added bonus to the director and the chairman of the institutes which successfully qualify for the HLACT international accreditation. This enhances the personal profile of the institutes’ owner hence rendering the reputation of the institute enriched. This certification is the assurance of the individuals’ competency and expertise in their respective field.