Events and Training

20th June 2016: Development in order to shape sustainable future

HLACT welcomes their audience to attend the seminars arranged for the initiative of HLACT known as Development in order to shape sustainable future. Our beloved Prof. Robert McKenzie has enlightened various unique aspects that can motivate one to complement simplified regulatory guidance, which can efficiently raise the level of competencies of the entire state.

Our board of directors in that event ensured that HLACT will always take a step head to provide effective assistance to the government of United Kingdom to shape the future in order to provide our modern generation a world that is free from any uncertainties.

13th November 2016: Colleges/ Universities in Action

HLACT has uniformly started enrolling Universities and Colleges in order to attain their support in order to ensure the success of campaign initiated by HLACT known as Development in order to shape sustainable future. After enrolling number of universities and colleges, on 13th November 2016 has developed a similar forum where all the students of colleges and universities are motivated to shape the future.

In this particular event, HLACT not only transferred their aim and objectives to the entire unique entities but also has efficiently developed various communities that can work separately under the banner of HLACT in order to improve the society in the best possible manner.

17th May 2017: Promoting Green Values

HLACT has always believed that it is their duty to develop productive and healthy environment for the people. In order to support this cause on 17th May 2017 HLACT has conducted various onsite and online seminars in which various colleges and universities were targeted

HLACT has taken many renowned scientist and environmentalist on board, who has given a motivational speech to our youth from which many students were able to enrol with HLACT to support and promote green values. In order to conduct this campaign in a constant manner, many short teams has been developed that tends to conduct seminars and webinars on weekly basis.

8th November 2017: HLACT Endorse World Quality Day:

This concept was initially supported by the CQI (Charted Quality Institute), in which the entity has efficiently celebrated the world quality day. HLACT has opted this campaign of CQI and tends to opt in our own way. In 8th November 2017, HLACT has efficiently promoted their unique vision that all organisation needs to utilise continuous improvement, assurance and governance in order to optimise unique value for their potential stakeholders.

HLACT has efficiently played a crucial role in this regards, as they were able to underpin the unique value of their own entity that has been efficiently derived from the implemented quality management system.

28th November 2017: Supporting NHS

On 28th November 2017, HLACT in support of NHS has motivated all the associated educational and non-educational entities to join the seminar of NHS, in which NHS England has enlightened various strategies that can be utilised in order to drive accreditation or endorsement in your trust.

Rebecca Gibbons and Angela Douglas the two renowned and important personalities that tends to represents NHS on a global platform has conducted these seminars.