Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity Is Embraced In The Last Seminar Of HLACT:

HLACT in the last month of 2017 held an international seminar in the United Kingdom, where all the associated of HLACT based in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) were invited. The main purpose of the seminar was to enlighten various aspects related to social impact, developing international alliance, diversity and exploration. However, effective contribution reflected by HLACT tends to show the concerns of organisation in embracing cultural diversity.

In this particular seminar, a common concern of all the participants was to observe and discover opportunities and challenges faced by participants in different regions of the world while running educational entities. An in-depth session was conducted where lots of dialogues has been exchanged by all the associates.

Dr. Alyson Watkins, Qualification Advisor and Chief Inspector of HLACT in the start of the seminar stated that:

It is essential for every educational and non-educational entity to assess the current market and efficiently predict needs of current and future market.”

He further stated that:

Market research and the environment need to be assessed in an appropriate manner, as it can enable you to distinguish the needs, which can provide educational entities to develop value for their targeted students”.

Following that statement, it has been discussed in the seminar that it is vital for the institution to prepare them in order to meet the future standards. Cultural diversity is amongst the topic on which Dr. Alyson Watkins has majorly emphasized. As he has a believe that it is amongst the aspect that can enhance the efficiency and productive nature of any educational and non-educational entity.


Posted January 10, 2018 by Ryan James Communications & Marketing Officer – HLACT

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