Career Placement

HLACT is with all the associated educational entities and with all the students associated with the educational entities.

HLACT has made a career placement portal in which all the associated educational and non-educational entities tends to post all the jobs and placement opportunities, which is only offered to the students of the educational entities affiliated with the HLACT.

For students and alumni that are seeking for the diverse opportunity in diversified sector based all over the globe:

  • Initially a candidate needs to enrol with HLACT in order to make a productive and profound profile on the portal.
  • Our experienced human resource professional will assist each applicant to make their profile in a unique and in a distinct manner.
  • Afterwards on portal a candidate needs to range bar according to their interest in order to observe job and placement opportunities according to their    interest.
  • Selected opportunities will be complemented by the curriculum vitae of the candidate.
  • Candidates enrolled with HLACT in this program will be effectively invited to various workshops conducted by multinational corporations that tend to seek    new talents.


Every candidate having interest in this department needs to reach our consultants in order to attain better services in an appropriate manner.