Become A Franchise

Investing to become a franchise of HLACT can prove to be great business opportunity, as it not only provide owner of the franchise to attain profit, as it also enable them to conduct process that can make the education industry of their state better. HLACT tends to seek entities having similar belief of providing our world with revolutionary education system that can transform our societies.


Our franchise needs to effectively endorse our product and services in their targeted market, by motivating educational and non-educational entities to apply for international accreditation by reflecting potential benefits that can be attained by having operative association with HLACT.

Our franchise will get productive assistance by HLACT to commence the business promptly and effectively. Bundle offered by HLACT will be comprised of following aspects:

  1. Support in order to enhance productive nature of the business
  2. Domestic and international advertising and marketing support
  3. Secured territory rights and proprietorship
  4. IT support in order to develop a system that is also utilised by HLACT
  5. Press realise will be made in which long term association with the franchise will be stated

Least infrastructure required:

Premises of 1000 to 1200 Soft of Space – own or leased in a decent area, not as a matter of course in the principle business streets/ avenues

Business standards:

  • You will be able to attain 25% to 35% for each HLACT international certification that is sold by your entity
  • Utilisation of facilitated e-buisness franchise
  • Experienced account manager should be taken on board in order to conduct several business activities in productive manner.
  • Presence of renowned and professional digital marketing officer that can make your franchise alive in digital world
  • You will need to pay a decided amount, which will be a one time fee.